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Available Positions

Intravital Microscopy Facility Manager

You love intravital imaging and love getting people to perform it at the best possible level.  This includes keeping the microscope at its best and continuously devise new applications inspired by prospective users and your own curiosity. You will be responsible to train people preparing mice for intravital imaging, using the microscope and analyzing data.

Desired start date: January 2020

Research Technician

You are a very collegial and methodic person who likes to keep things organized and be the primary go-to person for lab technologies. Key qualifications include previous organizational experience and a predisposition to tell people things nicely yet effectively.  You will be asked to write technical papers about the technologies you set up.  Ready for the challenge?

Desired start date: ASAP

Post Doc

You are a trained immunologist with the rare combination of desiring to continuously learn and to continuously pass on your competences to other lab members.  Key assets include a strong experience working with mouse models and a rock-solid motivation in developing your own vision as a future independent scientist. Previous experience in imaging, single cell genomics or bioinformatics is considered a plus.

Desired start date: ASAP

Graduate Student

You like immunology, you are a super-fast and motivated learner, and you love working in a group.  Key characteristics include a profound desire to absorb knowledge and show it to the world.  Previous lab experience is considered a very welcome plus.

Rotations available January 2020